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Ron Paul in ND: Cut spending, end foreign wars

• Associated Press
 Republican presidential candidate Ron Paul brought some familiar messages to North Dakota Republicans - cut federal spending, end the nation's foreign wars and enforce private property rights.

Paul spoke Monday at a North Dakota Republican convention of the five districts that cover the city of Bismarck. It was held at Bismarck's Shiloh Christian school.


Paul says the rising federal debt is the fault of both Democrats and Republicans.

He says the only way to reduce it is to drastically cut back the role of government. He says that means curtailing the nation's military presence overseas and rethinking federal entitlement programs.

Paul spoke in Williston, Dickinson, Bismarck and Jamestown on Sunday and Monday as part of a North Dakota campaign swing. North Dakota is holding GOP presidential caucuses March 6.

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Comment by thomaslknapp
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Watch this, and then look at the 3 bottom comments.

Don't ever tell anybody that they're not free.


Same thing, only longer.
Don't watch it if you have a weak stomach.


Comment by Anonymous
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I know that this politician Ron Paul is kind of “weird”. But I am curious about this anti-Paul movement.  I am aware that since the FBI had started to warn the public about the existence of “sovereign citizens” antagonistic towards the Federal Government, anti-Paul feelings had snowballed at least across the neighborhood if not across the country. Does this new civic force now exist? Or is it just a political game, a counter-propaganda GOP candidates vying for presidential nomination are playing. If it is, then it is as dirty as it can be. Anonymous75




Comment by Anonymous
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I agree with Ron Paul to end the war if he himself ends his personal war against war to gain publicity. Panocha

Comment by Anonymous
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Helo ..! I am Panocha. My number is (#04522). I want you to know that from here on, I will appear only as "(#04522)" because I have just joined an anti-Ron Paul movement called "I Love My Country". The spread of hatred of Government which NIH studies described as a form of "mental illness", has to stop. Come, join me and thousands, and soon millions, of others.

Comment by Anonymous
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I say, end Ron Paul. If he wants to amend the law of supply and demand, end this political nuisance this instant.

He wants to cut spending, cut off the microphone at once. End his private war against war.

If he wants to protect the liberty of terrorists to kill, defend the freedom of terrorists to destroy, let NDAA deprive him of his liberty and freedom to open his mouth and defend terrorists. If you love your country, Vote NOT Ron Paul!