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Ron Paul To Appear At MSU Monday


Texas representative Ron Paul will be in Michigan soon. Paul is expected to be on MSU's campus to speak with students on Monday.

Though the latest polls show he is in third place in the GOP race, one group of students is making sure everyone knows their candidate is coming to town.

Ron Paul flyers are everywhere on MSU's campus and one group would have it no other way.

It took roughly 1000 signatures from the MSU Youth for Ron Paul chapter to bring the Texas representative to campus and now that he is on his way they say students will be able to see his campaign strategy first hand.

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The rate of college students dropping out of school is alarming. "Just 56 percent of those who enroll in a four-year college earn a bachelor’s degree."

It threatens growth. Worldwide, we are "12th place in the ratio of young people with the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree, well behind Russia, Canada, Korea and Japan."

Too much fun due to lack of proper university guidance [28%] and financial pressure [38%] are the top culprits for this landmine. High College Dropout Rate Threatens U.S. Growth – The Fiscal Times.

Students waste their time associating themselves with crappy politicians, i.e., in off-campus campaigning as student volunteers, and in listening to political bull craps and bullyrags. MSU students wasting their time listening to Ron Paul is a good example. It is wasting their time because what the students will hear from Ron Paul are what he had been telling the farmers across the country to violate the law in the name of liberty and freedom.

Specific example: the Federal Government had issued a warning that fresh milk is 150 times more dangerous than pasteurized dairy. To protect the public, anyone who makes a business of producing and distributing or selling unpasteurized raw milk and dairy products is against the law [FDA]. But Ron Paul is telling the farmers and dairy consumers that to drink raw milk is their freedom to choose what to eat or drink. Just recently, he also publicly declared that there is no reason why farmers should not be allowed to grow hemp although he knew that this is against the law.

All of these bravados are at the expense of the farmers and gullible consumers. It is obvious that this politician doesn’t care if those who listen to him die or go to jail as long as he gets his television coverage, like any publicity maniac always do. Students waste their time listening to this kind of bull crap.

Fun-loving students need a break from their daily academic routine. They are having some fun listening to politicians like Ron Paul. Their excuse for gallivanting with their school time supporting Ron Paul is even macabre, although they know that he is "unelectable".

One MSU student summarized this vain excuse. "We are going to continue to support Ron Paul even if he doesn't win the republican nomination …it's about the ideas …"

It is precisely because of this politician’s anomalous if not invasive ideas that students should focus their time studying rather than wasting it not only in worthless but also destructive political activities. Joseph Vanderville

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