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U.S. Trojan Horses In Venezuela

• by Nil Nikandrov
 NGOs mushroomed in Venezuela after Chavez's 1998 electoral triumph, and at the moment their number estimatedly reaches several hundred.

Color revolution champions are trained in Venezuela based on movies featuring corresponding episodes from recent East European history. As in Cuba, the white color is chosen as the hallmark of the Venezuelan protesters.

The activity of NGOs in Venezuela continued completely unchecked over the first decade of Chavez's rule, while the police and counter-espionage agency were constantly discovering that the confidants of the US and other Western countries in Venezuelan NGOs collected information of military importance across the country or surveyed its regions bordering Colombia, Brazil, and Guyana.

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Comment by Darren Wolfe
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The author is right about US meddling  in Venezuela. This has to stop. What's disgusting about the article is the painting of Chavez as the good guy. He's a terrible dictator. The fact that he clashes with another evil doesn't make him good.