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Veterans for Ron Paul

• by Kelley B. Vlahos

Former Army medic Robert Tesh remembers the moment he really began to mistrust the system. It was when he carried the funeral coffin for Sgt. Michael Ingram, who died on April 17, 2010 from an IED blast in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Tesh says his view of the war, and of the government that wages it, was never the same.

“That funeral, in particular, had a real effect on me,” said Tesh, 24, who like Ingram, hails from Michigan.“That is what kind of swayed me in the antiwar direction.”
Less than two years later, Tesh finds himself on stage addressing a swelling crowd of fellow vets and active duty military who share not only the same aversion to war and distrust of government, but their support for Ron Paul, the only presidential candidate who they say has been straight with the troops, from the beginning. That’s where caught up to him yesterday, at theRon Paul is the Choice of the Troops rally on the National Mall.