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Google Glasses Are a Prescription for Disaster

• By Damon Brown, PCWorld

If bad cell phone etiquette annoys you, then Google goggles might just put you over the edge. Within the blink of eye, tilt of the head, a wireless connection to the Internet, and a pair of Google Android-based goggles your know-it-all friend is guaranteed to drive you crazy with random facts over coffee or movie trivia (compliments of IMDB) at the Cineplex.

Google will debut digital glasses by the end of the year, according to the New York Times. That’s right: Android-based lenses overlaying your world with information like maps and data. We all knew this augmented reality product was eventually coming, but it is now looking literally like a disaster (or more) waiting to happen.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Pro or Con. Always something good is what is intended, so we think, but as for this new device, expect that it will be turned around for great harm against the public. 

Comment by Anonymous
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See, there is already something in place to rate cops!

Comment by Anonymous
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What are you talking about? Disaster? This is AWESOME! Imagine being able to go grocery shopping and have your glasses tell you which food is GMO. Which soda manufacturer supports SOPA (or whatever the next horrendous POS legislation will be called). Imagine being able to look at a cop and see their entire history of violence (that one is coming, it can't be far off). What about being able to drive down the road and see which gas stations are part of BP, where to get the cheapest fuel and how to save money on everything.  I'm SO THERE!

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