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Ron Paul is Absolutely Unelectable

• Wasim Muklashy
 Ron Paul is Absolutely Unelectable and that, perhaps, is the very reason he just might end up walking away with this thing.

The first experience I had with how deep the wound actually is among Paul's supporters came when I posted an op-ed a few days ago. I was trying to make the case that while other candidates and the "mainstream" media seem to make it a point to tip-toe around the issues that are most important to undecided and swing voters, the issues have made it from the fringes into the mainstream. In the cases of medical marijuana and hemp prohibition, perhaps Ron Paul's insistence on actually addressing them is what is helping his stature rise amongst the populace (novel idea, right?). He seems to resent shying away from the situation at hand in favor of addressing it, and for that reason, I posit, the media has tried it's hardest to marginalize him.


The media is afraid of shaking things up.