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'Anonymous' Targets Private Prison System in Latest Hack

• Common Dreams staff
 The international private prison corporation, GEO Group, Inc., was targeted today by the hacktivist group Anonymous.
Anonymous used the takeover of GEO's website to post a statement saying its hack was part of the group's "ongoing efforts to dismantle the prison industrial complex."

The Associated Press reports:

Earlier Friday, Anonymous claimed credit for defacing the website of a Dayton, Ohio-based chapter of Infragard, a public-private partnership for critical infrastructure protection sponsored by the FBI. The group's site was replaced by a video of Coolio's 1995 rap hit, "Gangsta's Paradise."

The FBI declined to comment on that attack.

Anonymous, an amorphous collection of activists and Internet mischief-makers, has increasingly focused its energy on military, police and security companies in recent months. Among its most spectacular coups: The interception of a conference call between FBI and Scotland Yard cyber-investigators working to track them down.