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Diving for delegates: Ron Paul’s not-so-secret strategy

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As his Republican Party rivals dump millions on ads across the country, Texas Representative Ron Paul is taking a different route to try to secure the GOP nomination.

For the congressman, his plans rely more on the caucus states and the delegates that they deliver.

Throughout his run so far, Paul has made it no secret than his campaign is counting on delegates across America to help win him the Republican Party nomination. In the race for the GOP nod, the remaining candidates are competing on the road to this summer’s Republican National Convention in Florida, where the party will formally finger one contender to represent the right. On the way, candidates are campaigning in towns, cities and counties from coast-to-coast to garner support. As each state holds their individual contests, delegates are allocated to represent each contender. While some candidates have spread themselves thin, Paul is focusing primarily on the caucus states. It’s there that a complex process of dishing out delegates means even a second or third place finish can still allow a candidate to walk away with a substantial amount of delegates. As the contest nears its end, that representation will prove crucial at the Florida convention.