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Gingrich wants Afghans to apologize to America

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Thousands of protesters in Afghanistan rallied against the US this week after discovering that Americans had charred and purged copies of the Koran. President Obama was quick to extend an apology, but some of the GOP want things the other way around.

US President Barack Obama is being ridiculed by his Republican Party rivals after apologizing for this week’s incident in Afghanistan. Among his opponents that disagree with how he handled the ordeal is Newt Gingrich, the former House speaker and current contender for the GOP nomination for presidency. Gingrich has insisted that he will receive the party’s nod and usurp Obama this November, but his latest challenge for the commander-in-chief involves the president’s attempt to avoid escalating the war overseas.

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strange how they forget that the Korans were being used, {Can we say defiled???} by the terrorist by there writeing in it? Or does that not count