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PayPal As Moral Police? Forces E-Book Sellers To Remove Certain Erotica Content


Adult content has long been a big draw, and one of the most profitable, in the world of digital media, but a recent move by PayPal is a sign of how one part of that business may be facing some problems up ahead.

Smashwords, an e-book distributor that competes with Amazon, has sent out a letter to the authors, publishers and literary agents that it works with to tell them that PayPal is requiring Smashwords to remove all erotica content on its platform that contains references to bestiality, rape and incest – otherwise it will stop doing business with Smashwords altogether. The changes are due to take effect on Tuesday, Feb. 28.

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Comment by James17
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This is not the only place where you can be censored and removed from voicing an opinion. Huffington Post/AOL has permanently banned me from ever commenting on their site ever again. Why? Because I dared speak the truth. Of course it was only one person that clicked a button and banned me, but there you have it where someone is deciding what can be said of their own choosing. Being banned has happened with other sites, but as for me, I just go into those places that want truth tellers to speak their mind and there I make my comments. - “Regardless of your opinion on incest, it’s a slippery slope when we allow others to control what we think and write. Fiction is fantasy… A reader should have the right to feel moved however they desire to be moved,”. - If one child is harmed by this Fiction/Fantasy, then I will side with PayPal. Sexual child abuse harmed my life as a child and still affects my soul today. I am 61. Again, if one child is harmed by an adult acting out this Ficton/Fantasy, then I am for PayPal censoring that material.