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Shoe Power

• arclein
Let us consider the case of the film stack with the capacitance of 16 nF cm−2. The average generated power calculated using equation (2) is shown in Figure 3b. The average power per foot can exceed 2 W for bias voltages in excess of 35 V and 10 W

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What would it take for those of us who live in Phoenix, to have personalized air-conditioners run by little freon pumps in the sole of each shoe?

Imagine having a personal, as-you-walk, AC to keep you cool in the summer-Phoenix heat. The little freon pumps in the shoes would pump freon up and down flexible tubes in the legs. The freon would be used to dissipate internal heat in a special "AC jacket" worn by the walker... just the same way that heat is moved from the inside of your house to the outside by a regular AC unit.

Be the first in your neighborhood. Be a really cool dude or "dudess" in Phoenix.