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This was surprising in the case of the rectangular graphyne, Görling says, because most people assumed this sort of electronic structure was tied to hexagonal symmetry. The implication is that many other materials (some containing atoms other than carbon) could have Dirac cones.

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From science fiction writer, Edward E. (Doc) Smith's book, "Skylark Duquesne."


"But listen," Seaton said. "You gave the ape all the dope on that fourth-dimensional thing. Isn't he apt to toss a super-atomic into our Brain with it?"

"There's no possibility whatever of that, either soon or later. Not soon because, since they work slowly and thoroughly, it will be months yet before they have a full-scale machine. Nor later, because the mutual destruction of four hundred eighty-two populated planets - excuse me, four hundred eighty, now - is not logical in any system of logic, however cockeyed that system may be."


Not sooner, nor later, just like the U.S. military once they can control this graphyne stuff, right?

Yeh, sure.