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Chinese Pompei

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Due to the pristine preservation of some of the plants, the team estimate the ash fell over the course of just a few days, felling and damaging some of the trees and plants under its weight but otherwise keeping them intact. "I

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Once they realized it was something that happened 300 million years ago, the reporter grabbed his camera, and jumped into the time machine for real-live look at the volcano as it exploded.

His partner, on the present-time camera crew, dashed to the time-viewer for what he thought was going to be a faster look. All that he saw was raging fire in every direction... fire akin to the nuclear reaction inside of a "living" star.

When the science engineer on the team was called in, he immediately recognized the problem. Both the reporter and the camera-man had forgotten to adjust spacial differential controls on their corresponding apparatus.

What the camera-man really saw when he looked into the time-viewer, was not the violent aftermath of some ancient Chinese valcanic explosion, as he had supposed he would be seeing. What he viewed was a small portion of the interior of a gigantic star that happened to occupy this precise area of space some 300 million years ago.

The whole camera crew is mourning the loss of the reporter.

When are they going to put safety controls on those time machines?

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