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State Trooper Kills Woman With Taser Instead Of Chasing Her

• by David Drumm (Nal)
Florida Highway Patrol officer Daniel Cole used his taser to stop a fleeing Danielle Maudsley. As a result, Maudsley fell and cracked her head on the concrete roadway. Maudsley has been brain dead ever since and is not expected to recover.
Maudsley had been arrested in a hit-and-run case and taken to a Florida Highway Patrol substation for processing. Maudsley, clad in handcuffs, fled out the door of the substation with Cole running right behind her. Cole drew his taser and shot Maudsley in the back. Cole has been cleared of wrongdoing by the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles, and the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
It was Cole’s responses to investigators’ questions that are most troubling.

If she makes it [to U.S. 19], you know, there’s no winning. I can’t let her get out and get run over.

What self-serving tripe! This is exactly the kind of response that one would expect from someone who’s trying to come up with an excuse to justify their actions.

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Hey, all she did was hit someone with a car and then flee. No big deal. Those nasty police should have just let her go. They were infringing on her right to drive like she wanted. The other person should have been more careful. Damn careless pedestrians (drivers? --- who cares they should have been more careful) 

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