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My Remarks at the Amherst NY Presidential Straw Poll

• by James Ostrowski

Opening Statement. I want to thank the Amherst Republican Party for hosting this event and inviting me to participate and present Ron Paul’s views on the issues. I am proud to support Dr. Paul who is the only candidate to visit this area during the campaign. In August, he took time off from a family reunion to speak to 700 people who came to see him on just three days notice.

Before we get into the issues, I want to urge you to put aside the media propaganda and consider supporting Dr. Ron Paul. Contrary to what the media says, he can win the nomination and he can beat Obama. Ron is only 8 delegates behind the current frontrunner Rick Santorum. The other two candidates are fading. And not only can Ron beat Obama, he’s the only one who can unite the broad coalition necessary to do so.

Ron polls particularly well among young people, independents, working class people and people in the Northeast. He is strong where Obama is strong. Obama’s people won’t say so but they are terrified of Ron Paul.