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UN: Killer Asteroid On Course To Strike Earth

• Terrence Aym
They checked the calculations and re-checked them again. Yet the terrible truth refused to go away. The cold, deadly numbers stared back at them from their computer printouts. So little doubt remained the United Nations Action Team of concerned scientists scrambled to issue an emergency warning that asteroid 2011 AG5 is going to impact Earth and could cause the explosive death of millions...

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Comment by James17
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Damn. I was hoping to read that it was going to be within the next few months or so. It would be a lot better to happen now then sometime in 2040. Happening now we could really get on with living after such a hit minus all the propaganda about Iran attempting to build a nuclear weapon. I might not survive, you might not either, but then again maybe that nasty little state in the Middle East that is the cause of all world troubles might not make it through an asteroid hit freeing those that live through it a chance to start things anew.