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Bill Maher: Guns are a religion in America

• Eric W. Dolan via The

During an appearance on CNN’s Piers Morgan Tonight, comedian Bill Maher discussed Americans love of firearms in wake of the recent school shooting in Ohio.

“We are never going to get rid of all the guns, but do we have to adore them?” he said Monday night. “Do we have to love them so much? I look at guns like antibiotics. Sometimes you need them, but I don’t kiss my antibiotics, I don’t polish them. I don’t worship my amoxicillin. If I need it, it’s there. This country just has a very bad relationship with guns.”

Maher said he was disappointed that Obama did not call for stricter gun laws after the shooting of Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

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Comment by brag
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The practice of religion and worship have nothing to do with the violation of oath of office. Since "guns are a religion in America" according to this writer, the young shooter in the newsbreaking Ohio school shooting was just practicing his religion. And the twisted title of this article is dangerous because the practice of religion is protected by the Constitution. As a contitutional right, it means that more shooting of this kind will spread like mushrooms overnight.

Comment by Ken Valentine
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 Actually, the fundamental definition of treason is -- after voluntarily taking an oath to support a country (or a Constitution) -- to violate that oath in a "treacherous or deceitful manner resulting in a willful breach of faith."

Otherwise, it's just perjury.

Comment by PureTrust
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However, the word religion comes from the Latin word "religio" meaning "to do." So, whatever you do in life is your religion. Why? Because you exemplify your religion by the way you live... not only by the church or bar you attend.

Our Constitution is our religion. Why? Because it is our way of life. Our Second Amendment is part of our religion.

When government officials do NOT obey their Oath of Office by not obeying the Constitution, they are going against our religion, and theirs. It is treason.

Comment by MadJoker
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Bill Maher IS a Lying Dirty Soviet Socialist Jew. He gave money to Obama to the tune of 1,000,000. Now is trying to cover his tracks with lies of intent.