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California GOP convention occupied by Ron Paul supporters

• RT

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was the only GOP contender for president to appear at a California Republican Party convention this past weekend, but supporters of rival Ron Paul made sure their candidate of choice was made known loud and clear.

The GOP convention in Burlingame, California became the site of an impromptu Ron Paul rally on Saturday when hundreds of supporters for the libertarian-leaning Republican candidate appeared on site and took over an event that was not even attended by the Texas congressman and presidential candidate. Some have since equated the random rally as an Occupy-style demonstration along the lines of the protests carried out by participants of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Last year, Paul had offered support for the OWS movement in not so many words, telling demonstrators during a November 2011 televised debate, “if you’re going after crony capitalism, I’m all for it.” In that same debate, Gingrich suggested that occupiers did not “have a clue about history,” adding, “Historically this is the richest country in the history world because corporations succeed in creating both profits and jobs.”