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Words Not To Say Online: Sick, Wave, Cops, Smart, Ice, Worm and Many More

• by Abby Zimet
 Proving the Feds are even busier monitoring social media than perhaps you imagined, the watchdog group Electronic Privacy Information Center has posted the Department of Homeland Security “Analyst’s Desktop Binder,” a 39-page manual listing hundreds of seemingly innocuous words - along with some obviously problematic ones like Al Qaeda, though why any Al Qaeda operative would actually use them is beyond us - that could get you into trouble. God bless the Freedom of Information Act.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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Time to start feeding "Carnivore" again?  :-D

Comment by Darna Davis
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Slaves should avoid saying words the masters do not like. free people say those words on a daily basis in DEFIANCE. Free people claim the right to say what they choose. slaves cower and obey the will of their masters. claim your freedom and repeat these words in every sentence. waste the time of would be masters.

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