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Did Germany Approve Bailout to Force Greece Out of Eurozone?

• by grtv

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is urging her lawmakers to support the new rescue package for Greece. This despite worries that Athens will need even more cash in the future, and suggestions from Germany's Interior Minister that it's time Greece left the eurozone altogether.

The 130-billion euro bailout was agreed in principle last week after months of tense discussions among the eurozone leaders. Germany, as Europe's richest economy, has to contribute the majority towards it. But there is a sense of unease in Berlin that it will have to keep coughing up cash to prevent a Greek debt default.

Political analyst F. William Engdahl believes this is part of Germany’s strategy for getting "the weakest link out of the eurozone."

"The terms that Germany imposed – insisted on – for Greece’s second bailout of €130 billion were so stringent that it was pre-planned to force Greece out,” Engdahl told RT. “Some time later in the year, perhaps as early as June or July, maybe later in the autumn, it is expected that Greece is going to leave the eurozone."