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OWS stirs after winter freeze

• RT

The anti-capitalist movement Occupy Wall Street is showing signs of life after a lull in activity over the winter. But a low turn-out and the absence of clearly-defined leadership are raising doubts over the group’s survival.

Around 10 activists were arrested when between 100 and 200 members of the anti-establishment movement descended onto the streets of New York to protest against corporate greed. Starting outside New York’s public library, they marched towards the world headquarters of pharmaceuticals giant, Pfizer.

One man was arrested during the protests while nine people were reportedly arrested overnight for disorderly conduct in the vicinity of the movement’s birthplace in Zuccotti Park.

Demonstrators denounced Pfizer, accusing it of instigating tax breaks and benefits that allow large companies to expand. They bestowed the tongue-in-cheek prize of “Excellence in Profiteering” on the pharma giant amid chants of "Shame on Pfizer! You're a bunch of liars!" and "People over profit!"