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Occupy Rallies Against Powerful Right-Wing Group You've Never Heard Of

• By Josh Harkinson
 Today, occupiers in 80 American cities will hold the movement's largest coordinated demonstration since fall: a huge protest against the American Legislative Exchange Council.

Never heard of it? That's the point.

"It's an extremely secretive organization," says David Osborn, an organizer with Occupy Portland's Portland Action Lab, which is spearheading the national protest (known on Twitter as #F29 and #ShutDownTheCorporations). "Our goal is to expose the destructive role that it plays in our society."

Founded in 1973 as a "nonpartisan membership organization for conservative state lawmakers," ALEC brings together elected officials and corporations like Walmart, Bank of America, and McDonald's to draft model legislation that often promotes a right-wing agenda. It claims to be behind 10 percent of bills introduced in state legislatures.

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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You want to know how a certain law all of the sudden appears out of nowhere in several state's capitols around the nation?  It's ALEC's doing.  Central planning at its finest.  I would have thought that would meet with Occupy's approval.