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Natural Law

• By Jason Mark
 Cathy Miorelli doesn’t think of herself as an environmentalist. When Miorelli decided to run for the city council of Tamaqua Borough – a small town in central Pennsylvania where she has lived her entire life – she didn’t have any sort of eco-agenda. It was 2004, and the hottest controversy in Tamaqua involved a proposal by an outside company to dump sewage sludge and coal fly ash into abandoned mining pits on the edge of town. But the main issue on Miorelli’s mind was creating more transparent governance on the council, which she says had long been dominated by an old boys’ network. “I was just concerned about everything overall, not really so much the environment,” says Miorelli, who has worked for 16 years as the nurse at the Tamaqua high school. “You know, I didn’t run on any kind of platform, saying that I was going to change the world here or anything.”

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Comment by PureTrust
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Here is the key to the whole idea that nature has rights. Nature does NOT have rights! Human beings have rights. Nature has been interjected into a subtle battle for control of humans and of human rights by groups who are seeking to control the whole world.

IF the idea that nature has rights, is not based in a much more strongly expressed idea, that destroying nature destroys HUMAN RIGHTS, then the whole thing is a cover-up for stealing rights away from the people.

Rights are God-given to the people, not to nature, except as a protection to human rights. Evolution ideas strip people of rights by attempting to say that humans are merely accidental happenstances that have no more rights than the microbes that inhabit them. Those who tout evolutionary ideals either have not given it much deep thought, or else are out to steal the rights away from other people.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Great, so now the left is bastardizing and co-opting another powerful concept, Natural Law, to mean something else.

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