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Ron Paul and Fed Chairman Agree to Discuss Competing Currencies

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At the bottom of Bayag’s comment, he posed a critical question defining the dilemma of the Chairman of the Federal Reserves, Dr. Bernanke, and how to deal with Ron Paul whose Economics came from delivering more than 400 babies! If I am Bayad or Bernanke, I will be impaled in the horns of this dilemma.

But I am glad that there are still knowledgeable commentators who even though extremely disgusted have not left Freedom Forum. Who would light the torch of knowledge if they leave? Freedom Forum will be a page of darkness, with filthy mouths in control. And that is a sad scenario for me to look at, and perhaps I too will leave, when the truth is, I like Ernie Hancock’s creation of this website as a venue of free thoughts.

What I like about these remaining knowledgeable guys is that they are not afraid to criticize Hancock’s favorite candidate Ron Paul. I am sure they have nothing personal against Ron Paul … they just want to share their knowledge with the general public about Ron Paul as a unique politician, and the truth of his aspiration to become the next president of the United States.

My thanks to Bayad and his kind in this website.

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This headline came from Ron Paul’s blog. It is false and misleading.


I monitored this congressional hearing with keen interest. Ron Paul was not asking questions IN AID OF LEGISLATION – he was LECTURING Dr. Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserves with a Ph.D. in Economics and today the nation’s top mind in fiscal and monetary economics. He was lecturing the Chairman with his made-to-order knowledge of Economics!


In very rare instances, Ron Paul would pause LECTURING, and shoots a SILLY question to Dr. Bernanke. But when Bernanke starts to answer his silly question, Ron Paul would interrupt  … he didn’t want Dr. Bernanke to answer him, anticipating that his silly question would get a silly answer and the gallery would laugh.


This news headline you are reading now came from Ron Paul’s website, viz.: Ron Paul and Fed Chairman Agree to Discuss Competing Currencies. It is an attempt to elevate Ron Paul into the same level of knowledge of “competing currencies” that Dr. Bernanke has, which Ron Paul doesn’t have!


Having been exposed to this esoteric Science of Economics in graduate school myself where Dr. Bernanke came from, I can understand how difficult it was for Dr. Bernanke to make Ron Paul understand that what the Congressman was talking about was NOT economics.


Listen to the video while Ron Paul is lecturing Dr. Bernanke of his own home-made economics. He was telling the Fed Chairman that severe “rising prices is not inflation” [of course it is]. “Gold and silver are money” [of course they are not] … that the rates of inflation going on now can be negotiated and compromised [as if it is something that is subject to contract (compromise} – Ron Paul at 9%, Bernanke at 2%, negotiated to be in the middle in-between at 5% in Ron Paul’s proposal. To stop wasting his time, Bernanke tried to humor Ron Paul by telling him that they should discuss this later. Ron Paul was happy, his ignorance spared from being exposed any further.


Now you guys out there whose bread and butter is Economics – in this CONGRESSIONAL HEARING, how could you tell Ron Paul as politely as you can that his knowledge of Economics is nonsense and annoying without being cited for contempt?