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The great government hoax of public safety

• by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger
• The government claims that every single air traveler must be intimately searched and confirmed harmless in order to protect the safety of a few hundred passengers on the plane, but that very same government conducts no safety testing whatsoever on each batch of toxic fluoride chemicals dumped into municipal water supplies that threaten the health of tens of milliions.
• The government aggressively attacks raw milk farmers and food cooperatives who sell fresh milk to a few hundred people, claiming raw milk is extremely dangerous to the public.,

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Comment by brag
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Only terrorists would dispute the fact that security laws enforced in all airports are not for the safety of air passengers.

Only terrorists and terrorist sympathizers would disagree that the law and regulations against drinking unpasteurized raw milk is not for the protection of the public from disease and epidemic.

The author disputes and disagrees with those protective measures calling them a "hoax", what do you think he is?

There are a lot of them on the loose! The "FBI Watch List" is getting longer everyday.

Comment by Kodigo
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Security laws and regulations on air travel is NOT a government hoax on public safety.  These are critical measures extremely necessary for the protection and safety of air passengers. The great hoax is when you to say that these are not intended to protect the American public.

It is a great hoax for you to say that the law and regulations prohibiting drinking raw milk do not protect the population from disease caused by Salmonella, E. Coli and Listeria. 

It is a great hoax for you to say like Ron Paul said that it is your freedom to drink unpasteurized raw milk and eat unpasteurized dairy products, to get sick and spread an epidemic that would kill a great number of innocent people.

When you said these are safe and okay, you have created the greatest hoax on public safety.

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