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Freedom Law School's 2012 Freedom Rally - March 16-19 - Crowne Plaza Hotel - Irvine, CA

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March 16-19, Friday-Monday

Location: Irvine, CA | 949-863-1999

Crowne Plaza Hotel - Orange County Airport 

17941 Von Karman Avenue

Irvine, CA 92614

Book your room at the Crowne Plaza Irvine.  Discounted rate of $89.00 + tax available until March 1, 2012 or until the block fills up. Click the link below to make your reservation or contact the hotel directly at 949-863-1999 and be sure to mention Freedom Law School to receive the discount. By staying at the host hotel you assist us keep our costs low!
Crowne Plaza Irvine - Freedom Law School - March 2012

Ron Paul Friday Night Keynote Speaker (Pending)
Mike Morrell (CA Assemblyman) Saturday Night Banquet Speaker
Other Speakers Include:
Angela Keaton
<i>Angela Keaton</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Let�s Have a War</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Angela is the Director of Angela is an unlikely peace activist whose speech titled: �Let�s Have a War� declares war on American Militarism, empire and occupation.</p>
Let�s Have a War
Anthony Gregory
<i>Anthony Gregory</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>American Fascism in the 21st Century</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Anthony is the research editor at the Independent Institute whose work has been featured in The Atlantic, Huffington Post, and the Christian Science Monitor. His latest book will explore individual liberty, habeas corpus, and indefinite U.S. detention law.</p>
American Fascism in the 21st Century
Butler Shaffer
<i>Butler Shaffer</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>The Absolute Nature of Property</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Butler is the renowned author of several books, a contributor to, and current faculty member at Southwestern University School of Law in Los Angeles. He teaches Administrative, Antitrust, and Property Law.</p>
The Absolute Nature of Property
Erik Petroni
<i>Erik Petroni</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Selling the Ultimate Freedom Tool</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Erik is the creator of the Ron Paul Super Brochure. Ron Paul�s success can be attributed to his grassroots efforts. With the Super Brochure, Erik is mobilizing the vote for the only real candidate that will get America back to prosperity: Dr. Ron Paul.</p>
Selling the Ultimate Freedom Tool
Ernest Hancock
<i>Ernest Hancock</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>America in Collapse</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Ernest is the publisher of Freedom�s Phoenix and co-founder of the Freedom Summit. Ernest declares that America is in economic, cultural, and governmental collapse. We need to move forward and save the American people now! </p>
America in Collapse
Jonathan Emord
<i>Jonathan Emord</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>FDA�s� Attack on Food Freedom</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Jonathan is one of the country�s leading free speech attorneys. Jonathan has beat the FDA a record setting 7 times in court. This has earned him the title �FDA Dragon Slayer�.</p>
FDA�s� Attack on Food Freedom
Joe Banister
<i>Joe Banister</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Ex-IRS Agent Exposes Fraud</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Joe is a former gun carrying IRS Special Agent who will share why he quit his high paying position after the IRS failed to show any law that required the average American to file and pay the Federal Income Tax.</p>
Ex-IRS Agent Exposes Fraud
Julian Heicklen
<i>Julian Heicklen</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Stand Up Against Un-Just Laws</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Julian will share how you can stand up against corrupt government and un-just laws with empowered juries.</p>
Stand Up Against Un-Just Laws
Nick Hankoff
<i>Nick Hankoff</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Nullification Generation</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Nick is a current leader in the Nullify Movement as well as the Grassroots Coordinator for the Tenth Amendment Center. When Big Government imposes laws that aren�t Constitutional, the States have the power to veto!</p>
Nullification Generation
Pat Shannan
<i>Pat Shannan</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Pat is an investigative journalist for the American Free Press and the author of Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie. His book uncovers government cover-ups such as Oklahoma City and Waco.</p>
Everything They Ever Told Me Was a Lie
Peymon Mottahedeh
<i>Peymon Mottahedeh</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Restoring Justice through Juries</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Peymon Mottahedeh is the President and Founder of Freedom Law School. He is your Master of Ceremonies and will speaking on all four days of the conference.  Peymon is an expert on the IRS, and he has personally beaten the IRS in a court of law. In addition to the class on Avoiding IRS Criminal Tax Charges, Peymon will also give a class on Stopping Home Mortgage Fraud, and How to Prosper During this Great Depression.</p>
Restoring Justice through Juries
Susan Lindauer
<i>Susan Lindauer</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>PATRIOT Act: Truth Becomes Treason</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>Susan is a former CIA Asset. Her first hand experiences will uncover the government invented lies created to sell a disastrous war. She will also expose how the Government silenced and imprisoned these whistle-blowers in order to cover up the truth about what really happened.</p>
PATRIOT Act: Truth Becomes Treason
William Norman Grigg
<i>William Norman Grigg</i><p align=&qout;justify&qout;><b>Freedom vs. The Police State</b></p><p align=&qout;justify&qout;>William is the editor of Republic Magazine and the former senior editor of The New American. He is also the author of several books and currently hosts a successful radio program where he tackles issues from the Constitutional and Freedom perspective.</p>
Freedom vs. The Police State

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That speaker's list is a Who's Who of Liberty Activists.  Must have used the SPLC list to compile. ;-)