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• Joe Arpaio/World Net Daily
The live feed didn't even out for the first 20 minutes, so I am giving an incomplete report at this time - but I wanted to get my notes out there.
"The fact that the date stamp and registrar stamp were imported from somewhere else."

"This is serious.  This is very serious."

"We believed we had a forgery."

August 1st through 7th microfilm of air travelers in 1980 was MISSING.

"We have to entertain that he (Obama) was born abroad."

Problems were also found with the Selective Service card.

"We do not have an authenticated document... that proves President Obama's birth in the United States."

"The document is fake."

Jerome Corsi arranged an interview with Andrew Breitbart and Sheriff Joe Arpaio just before he died.

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Comment by PureTrust
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Just think. All those "laws" and rules that Obama made without their direct passing being done by Congress as well, null and void from their inception. Government will have to pay a whole lot in civil repayment fees to folks who had their rights removed by some form of legality that was not legal, because it was done by a non-President. I mean, think of all the Afghan and Iraq people who will have to be restored to life, since they were killed by the order of Obama, the non-President.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Arpaio to unveil results of Obama birth certificate investigation

Comment by Psychictaxi
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CORRECTION: that should read '1960' regarding the missing microfilm.

1980 was the problem with the Selective Service card - the date stamp of '80' instead of 1980 was made by cutting a 2008 stamp and using the latter half turned upside-down.

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