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Kucinich vs. Kaptur: GOP Redistricting Turns Colleagues into Rivals

• Common Dreams staff
 GOP control of the state legislature in Ohio allowed for a redistricting plan that has turned two Democratic colleagues into rivals and could possibly spell the end of progressive champion and former presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich's time in Congress.

Dennis Kucinich, the longtime liberal icon who waged two unsuccessful presidential bids, is facing the very real prospect of seeing his Capitol Hill career hurtle to an end.

The Ohio Democrat faces an uphill path to victory in his March 6 primary against 15-term Rep. Marcy Kaptur, who has served alongside Kucinich since he was elected to the House in 1996.

The congressman’s problem is redistricting. Last year, Republicans who control line-drawing in the state threw him into the same northeast Ohio-area district as Kaptur, crafting the new 6th District seat in such a way that it would have more territory that she previously represented than he did.

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