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Video Clears Brooklyn Man Of Attempting To Run Over Officer . . . But What About The Officer?

 John Hockenjos, 55, is a New York man accused of trying to run over a Brooklyn officer with his car. The officer claimed that Hockenjos tried to run him over — a claim strikingly familiar to past cases that we have discussed. However, on this occasion, the citizen had this night-vision surveillance tape that showed that the officer lied. The felony charges have now been dropped, but there remains the question of the officer. Citizens are routinely charged criminally for making false claims to police. However, officers are rarely fired, let alone charged, in such cases.


The officer was responding to a call from a neighbor who has a dispute with Hockenjos over a two-foot spread of grass along the driveway. The officer claimed that Hockenjos, 55, entered his driveway at a high rate of speed and that he had to jump out of the way to save his own life. However, the tape shows Hockenjos moving slowly up the driveway stopping well short of the police officer. There is no meaningful movement by the officer and certainly not any jump for his life.

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Comment by Sam Woet
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HOCKENJOS FAMILY IS NOW IN THE HANGING TREE - "Hanging Tree" - Realtime Story of Hockenjos who they say murdered three - Government and Judicial Corruption driven by criminal influence has become the Hockenjos "Hanging Tree" an acknowledgment of what humans do to oppress, control, exploit each other and the atrocities ("strange things", like innocents being hanged) that result when people fight against this oppression for their freedom. Characters familiar with the song use it as a reminder in the book to prioritize freedom for all over things such as surrender/enslavement, suicide, or revenge.

Comment by Rod Souza
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They all lie all the time.