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Oklahoma state senator’s sign: ‘If I wanted the government in my womb, I’d f*ck a senator’

• By Stephen C. Webster

At a recent rally against a so-called “personhood” bill currently favored by Oklahoma lawmakers, state senator Judy McIntyre (D) was photographed holding a sign that read: “IF I WANTED THE GOVERNMENT IN MY WOMB, I’D FUCK A SENATOR.”

Explaining to a local reporter that she’d just borrowed the sign from a protester, she remarked: “I was like, I’ve got to have a picture of it.”

“I thought if my 87-year-old mother sees this, I’m going to get hell this weekend, but it was too late,” McIntyre added, according to

The protest, held Wednesday at the University of Oklahoma, took issue with a so-called “personhood” bill that would define human life as beginning at conception, effectively banning all abortions.

The Oklahoma State Medical Association is opposed to the bill because it may jeopardize the practice of reproductive medicine and criminalize acts that might harm an embryo, potentially sparking criminal investigations of women who miscarry. The bill was overwhelmingly approved by the state Senate last month, and a vote in the lower chamber is expected soon. It is not clear if the governor will sign it into law.

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