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Washington Caucus Results Open Thread

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Please post your news, insights & observations in the comment section below. Info & results from the following links:

Twitter: #wacaucus Facebook: Washington State For Ron Paul Daily Paul: Chaos in Washington Thread Washington Results - Google - Politico - CNN - MSNBC - Fox News Live Streams: CNN | Fox News | CSPAN

Super Tuesday is next Tuesday. See the full GOP primary schedule here.

RON PAUL 2012!

From the campaign:

The help of fellow patriots from OUTSIDE Washington State is desperately needed on caucus day March 3rd. In Washington State, most caucuses are held in pooled locations where in many cases over 200 precincts meet in one location. We have a need for 150 out of state patriots to help keep the caucus counts honest, man tables and be a presence at pooled locations in the Seattle area from 8:30 AM to approx 11:30 AM. The most important things that anyone out of state can do to help Washington right now is:

Travel in if you can afford it and help at the pooled caucus Phone from home Contact every RP supporter you know in Washington State and go to and “submit a supporter”

Many caucus goers don’t understand how the caucus process works and have never been to one before. By volunteering you’ll have the chance to keep the process honest, help new caucus goers and be a big part in delivering a WIN for Dr. Ron Paul!

For more info, please contact:

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