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Eating Cannabis as Medicine

• By Owen Smith

In the last article I explored some of the many cannabis products emerging from the inventive and inspired medical cannabis community. The collective ingenuity of cannabis focused organizations continues to improve this vital health service for terminally ill patients. Clubs like the CBC of C in Victoria represent over a decade of the pooled skills and resources needed to competently manage a high quality, affordable selection of cannabis products. With an ever increasing number of people finding relief from this medicine, it is equally important to provide education on how to best utilize it.

As discussed in detail in previous articles, Health Canada’s MMAR program has continued to fail in the task of providing a sufficient supply of diverse, high quality, affordable cannabis medicines to those in need, and forcing their patients to smoke or eat raw plant material. Recent proposed changes to the regulations did not include the refinement of raw cannabis into any form, regardless of the health benefits attributed to these alternatives.

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