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Marijuana Push in Colorado Likens It to Alcohol

DENVER — Proponents of marijuana have argued for years that the drug is safer than alcohol, both to individuals and society. But a ballot proposal to legalize possession of marijuana in small amounts in Colorado, likely to be on the November ballot, is putting the two intoxicants back into the same sentence, urging voters to “regulate marijuana like alcohol,” as the ballot proposition’s title puts it. 

Given alcohol’s long and checkered history — the tens of thousands of deaths each year, the social ravages of alcoholism — backers of the pro-marijuana measure concede there is a risk of looking as if they have cozied up too much, or are comparable, to old demon rum.

“Why add another vice, right?” said Mason Tvert, a co-director of the Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol, which has led the ballot drive. “But we’re not adding a vice; we’re providing an alternative.”

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Comment by panocha
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"Jesus is the libertarian Lord and King I honor for governance." Don't forget terrorists are on your side.Don't forget that you are on their side.

Comment by Rod Souza
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All about power and control and the money. 

Comment by McElchap
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 Sounds reasonable under the "system" we suffer. But I don't think the state should have authority to "regulate marijuana like alcohol" or anything else. I am not certain government should even exist, outside the "Law of Nature and Nature's God".  Jesus is the libertarian Lord and King I honor for governance.