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Disappointing BUT the real truth is

• by ohionurse
 Disappointing BUT the real truth is the fact that Santorum did so well tonight means.....all four will remain in the race. Gingrich won't leave....not yet. Santorum has no reason to leave with this success. The golden boy won't leave. Therefore, the delegates continue to be divided making it impossible for any candidate to reach 1144. Tonight just increases the prospects of a brokered convention and that was always our best chance.

Romney did horrible tonight considering his front runner stamp and Santorum has no organization. Remember a few weeks ago when the guy from Dr. Paul's campaign in 2008 said even if Santorum runs the board, he can't hit 1144. Stay strong!!!

We cannot get downhearted. So so so so many things can happen between now and Tampa. All tonight means is we just keep going forward, continue to organize and get to the convention.

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