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War, Social Values, and Ron Paul

• by Jon Basil Utley

Is supporting war more important for evangelicals than their social values? Isn't Ron Paul a social conservative? He opposes abortion, gay marriage and promiscuous sex, he has never been divorced and certainly supports family values, but he believes in limited government. Two of his brothers are ministers. Why then are evangelical leaders now opting for Santorum, and before him Gingrich? The one big area of disagreement with Ron Paul is war; foreign wars and the domestic one against drugs. For this they oppose him. Santorum supports unending war in Afghanistan, backing Israel without limit and a new war against Iran.

Earlier there was a major far leftist candidate who supported all the issues that evangelicals oppose, and was a vocal proponent for expanding Israeli settlements on the West Bank and promoting the war on Iraq. He was overjoyed when open homosexuality became allowed in the military, he supports abortion, gay marriage and the leftist agenda for big, intrusive government; power to labor unions as well as expanded, unconstitutional police powers within the U.S. Evangelicals adore him and went all out to support him 2006, when he lost his primary race and ran as an independent for the Senate. He is Senator Joseph Lieberman of Connecticut.

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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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I am an evangelical and I say Amen to you Brag. As to Ron Paul 2012 -- let's vote him not, and God bless America!

Comment by brag
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This yak-yakity-yak-yak author is one of those characters from what the New Hampshire newspaper described the "lunatic fringe". I am sure he is a "star" in the FBI Watch List. If he zips his anti-Establishment yakity mouth, chances are he would have more freedom years to enjoy before joining Larken Rose in the calabooze.