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California’s adoption of UN Agenda 21 regionalism and the attempts to neutralize County Sheriff’s

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 Labeled as “tin foil” conspiracy theorists, called crazy and lambasted for the inclusion of Tea Party property rights activists and repeatedly told that they were imagining things, California property rights advocates may not be so crazy after all. The continual maligning of opponents who have exposed the ongoing implementation of Agenda 21 sustainability, smart growth, ICLEI, stack & pack housing, non-human habitat zoning and the effective end to property rights, are and have been right all along.
Conspiracy [theories] are theories only so long as you have no facts, only assumptions. Having facts to back up your suspicions does not lessen the conspiratorial act. It simply affirms the fact that the conspiracy does exist and this group of activists has that proof.

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Comment by Robert Bilyeu
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This also goes to our current economic and fiscal situation.  Does anyone really believe that other countries would lend us monies without the assurance of a return on the monies?  How much of this private property and set asides contains large amounts of resources?  Is the purpose of the EPA to protect the environment or to provide land and resources as collateral for debts owed?  There are zoning and land use planning programs going up all over the country.  Also watch for mergers of city and county agencies, especially law enforcement.  How much would a person think that the abortion and gay rights issue plays into sustainable development?  After all, people are the greatest contributors of dreaded CO2.