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'Blind' Fed Owns More US Treasuries Than China – Ruining Fixed-Income Policy Gauge

• by Staff Report

As long as there is confidence in the Fed, the Fed's strategy may pan out, right? Maybe. We don't even question the motives of the Fed 154127845 However, we question the Fed's ability to conduct policy when its policy makers are blindfolded. We fear that some of the Fed's most important gauges used to set policy have been taken away, by the Fed itself. – Merk Funds

Dominant Social Theme: If the Fed would only do a better job, things could get better.

Free-Market Analysis: Merk Funds' Axel Merk just issued a commentary in which he points out, astonishingly, that the Fed "now owns more U.S. government debt than China." The ramifications are immense.

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