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Anonymous take down anti-virus giant and Vatican, warn of ‘March storm’

• RT

Hacktivist group Anonymous has launched an online assault on anti-virus company Panda Security after Tuesday’s arrest of members of the hackers’ LulzSec collective. The group also raided the Vatican website in protest against the Catholic Church.

The online attack struck 25 websites belonging to the security firm on Wednesday night, defacing them with messages such as "Love to LulzSec/Antisec fallen friends". Anonymous also made off with the emails, passwords and usernames of over a hundred Panda Security employees, which were subsequently posted online.

Anonymous claim that Panda Security had a hand in the arrests 25 people in Spain and Latin America in February accusing them of snitching to law enforcement organizations in exchange for money.

Panda Security denies these allegations and released a statement saying the hackers had not “breached their internal network” and that no customer data had been tampered with.