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Forty+ Years vs. 8 Months: An Open Letter to ALL DailyPaulers & r3VOL on Post-Super Tuesday

•, by AnCapMercenary

Forty Plus years is how long our Gray Champion has been fighting for what is right.

Five months, is how much time we have before Tampa.

Eight months, is how much time we have before November.

It boggles the mind

Sometimes one simply has to shake their heads in incredulity.

Not to say that duration in the movement or as a member of DP by itself means anything. Nor am I saying that I expect anyone from our generation would have the perseverance nor the patience of our Gray Champion born and characteristic traits forged during his early years living through the Great Depression.

That said, for over forty years Dr. Paul has traveled the path alone, out in the Evil Wilderness, with constant slings and arrows from sycophants for those of Disreputable Fortunes, from all Corners of Hades.

Yet with only FIVE months between now and Tampa, and EIGHT months between now and November general elections, upon a propagandistic narrative from the very MSM that you rail against constantly as nothing but lies, yet you still willfully believe them at face value when the meme is set forth that 'Ron Paul didn't win anything tonight!'

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