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Doug Wead, Jesse Benton & Brian Doherty's Take on Super Tuesday [Video + Articles]

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 Brian Doherty, one of the few good guys at Reason Magazine, and the author of soon to released (May 15, 2012) semi-authorized biography of Dr. Paul, Ron Paul's rEVOLution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired on RT America to discuss his take on the direction of the Campaign, and what Super Tuesday really means in grand scheme of things:
Super Tuesday came and went, but despite the media hype it was a letdown to many. Mitt Romney received 415 delegates and came in first place while Rick Santorum came in second with 176 delegates. As for Ron Paul there were high hopes for a win, but the Texas congressman didn't win a single state. Paul insists, however, that he will continue on the road to the White House. Brian Doherty, a senior editor for Reason Magazine, joins us to analyze what's next for Ron Paul.