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Even With Zero Experience There's A Place You Can Instantly Find A Job Paying $120,000

•, Robert Johnson
 There are stories from Williston, North Dakota oil workers that are as hard to believe as they are entirely true.

I heard of one man who stood up in McDonald's one morning, hollered to whoever would listen, that "Today is the day I'm finding a job."

Within minutes he had the number of a guy looking for construction workers and was told to be back at McDonald's the following morning at 7:00 a.m. to start work.

Starting salaries for drivers, rig workers, and many other positions start at $120,000, but that can be up to 100 hours a week. One guy who worked wire line said he expected to make $300,000 this year. He'd made $30,000 over 10 days last month alone.

Hard to believe, but when a cement truck driver shows up to grab a load and the line is a mile long, he sits there, waiting, dozing, whatever, until he grabs the load and gets to a site.

A greater selection of Five Hour Energy drinks than you ever imagined are piled up by every cash register in town.

I talked to some oil executives and their wives at a church potluck, and they told me the background checks are what slow down the hiring process the most.