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Anti-government, hate groups growing: SPLC report

• Reuters

The number of hate and anti-government groups in the United States continued to rise last year, fueled by racial tensions, conspiracy theories and anger over economic inequality, according to a report by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

The most explosive growth came from the so-called Patriot movement, whose adherents view the federal government as their enemy.

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Comment by Vincent Castillan
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This hatred of Government which the National Institute of Health describes as a form of "mental illness" has the characteristic of flu. Unless stopped, it is contagious it will spread like an epidemic

Comment by Ob Bop
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The SPLC is not only, itself a hate group but hides behind a curtain of political correctness to amass personal wealth for those involved with the SPLC and use nefarious tactics to coerce feeble-minded folks to remit what I believe are tax-deductible donation to support  what, to me, is just a scam.


Of course, that is just my OPINION and I am not a lawyer or educated person in these affairs but I DO wish that those with the training needed would thoroughly investigate the SPLC and attempt to ascertain if the organization is a wealth creator for a few folks at the expense of many.

Comment by Ben Dover
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