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Ron Paul Issues Statement on Unemployment Figures

 Today, Congressman and 2012 Republican Presidential Candidate Ron Paul issued the following statement regarding yesterday’s report that the official unemployment rate--which understates the actual amount of unemployment in the economy-- remains over 8 percent in February, the same month that saw the Federal government run the biggest monthly deficit in history.

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This political maneuver doesn’t do Ron Paul any good. It only grabbed publicity headlines when he said he has "further proof of the failure of the Keynesian spend-borrow-tax-and-inflate policies embraced by the beltway leadership of both parties" 

Nothing changes in the economy’s unemployment scenario. In fact the situation is "steady".

A recently published report says: "A separate measure of unemployment, which includes ‘discouraged workers’ who have given up looking for jobs (1.3 million), and people working part-time largely because they couldn't find full-time work (9 million), held steady at 17 percent. Many economists feel this number gives a more thorough picture of unemployment…"

Don’t be misled by political propaganda reports

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