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The Yoga of Eating – Part 2 of 3

•, By Carmen Allgood

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine


The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine – PCRM – a Washington, DC based nonprofit organization formed in 1985, brings a lot of evidence to the table about the correlation between what we eat and our physical and mental health.

Here, in the land of the free, home of the brave, we have access to more food choices than just about anyone on the planet. All kinds of conclusions are being drawn about the fact that nearly 80% of American children are overweight, and most adults carry around an extra 30 – 50 pounds of excess fat. We also have one of the highest rates of cancers, diabetes, and heart disease in the world. The cost of this, in terms of human health, is enormous and catastrophic. In areas of the world where eating lower on the food chain is a way of life, the most common painful killers in our society are rarely seen.

As a modern society, the shift to a more vegetarian-based diet is on the rise. The food pyramid has been radically altered from what it was just 25 years ago, and stresses the ultra-importance of a diet that is high in complex carbohydrates and fiber.

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