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PsyWarfare: "The Battle for the Mind"

•, by Adrian Salbuchi
As with all totalitarian regimes, the black/white or the good/bad Baby Bush “You’re either with us or you’re with the Terrorists” – binary rhetoric lies at the heart of the Global Power Elite’s PsyWar technology.

In 2004, Denis Boneau, a French journalist writing for the Voltaire Network, published an article called “The Science of World Domination” (, making an excellent summary of key milestones in the development of the United States’ post-World War II Global Psychological Warfare Strategy.

He starts by describing the Truman Doctrine of “Containment” of the former Soviet Union that was based on the so-called “long telegram” sent to the State Department in 1946 by an advisor in the US embassy in Moscow – and key Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) scholar – George S. Kennan.


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Comment by McElchap
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 In the battle for minds, most have been conquered by the enemies of truth, justice & liberty, converted to warmongering socialist sycophants who prostrate themselves before the tyrants posing as "Pillars of Society" with bloody hands and hot gun barrels, pockets full of ill-gotten filthy lucre. The few of us who are yet frightfully aware free thinkers have to choose between accepting slavery or the battle for our lives. I will live free or die trying! WAKE UP AMERICA!

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