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The Gaddafi Mercenaries and the Division of Africa

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The head of the Swiss-based Libyan League for Human Rights, Soliman Bouchuiguir, whose testimony in the UN about atrocities in Libya set off the chain of events that led to NATO's destruction of that country, admits that he simply made up the numbers of casualties out of thin air, with the help of the Libyan rebels. It is an incredibly powerful scene when this evil demon is forced to admit that his lies brought NATO bombs.

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Comment by James Eldridge
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Washington backed terrorism. - Now go, and try to get that across to your neighbors and see if they will not be arguing on the side of what they heard from the MSM.

Guatemala's civil war claimed at least 200,000 lives before it ended in 1996. The country's U.S.-backed army was responsible for most of the deaths, according to the findings of a truth commission set up to investigate the bloodshed. - Huffington Post news 03/13/2012

And so it continues, now from Syria then into Iran. The MSM is full of lies about what is going on to bring the public right along with them into further conflict in the Middle East. That same public will believe everything they hear off of MSM without checking for a second or third opinion from someone on the ground in those places. Again, truth tellers will be labeled as the foolish liars and turned over to the United States black shirts and taken away to some now open for business FEMA camp. No trial, no conviction and no lawyer. Now go out and wave your American flag and shout, USA, USA, USA.

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