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Anarchy, Murder and Mayhem for Fun and Profit - by Joe Collins

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What would be the best way to start a revolution, and not get caught?

I have spent twenty-plus years in the computer industry mostly in the software development end of it. One day, this story premise came to me in a moment of inspiration: What if a piece of software was directing the assassination of certain people? That story premise eventually became my first published novel, KILL CODE.


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Comment by James Eldridge
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This ties in with what Henry Makow wrote about those in public offices being demons hell bent on bringing the world toward total destruction all for the prize of elevating their god Satan, but full well knowing that in the end they will lose. No matter what Satan and his minions do, they are following the direction the Lord God wrote in the scriptures. Read this full story and read the link to Henry Makow's article and see how they connect. It will not have to be x-assassins that will be doing these assassinations, but the common Joe/Jane brought to the edge by this out of control government and those demon minions that are doing everything they can to pave the way for their demon god Satan to make his appearance on the public scene. Its had been said that it does not take a multitude to change the world, but only one person. That is true, but in today's world, there are going to be many more then just one person. You don't have to believe me on that, just look online and read those comments from those people that are on that edge for yourself. There are handfuls of them and not just in this country.

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