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Terror, Trauma, and the Endless Afghan War

•, by Amy Goodman
 We may never know what drove a U.S. Army staff sergeant to head out into the Afghan night and allegedly murder at least 16 civilians in their homes, among them nine children and three women. The massacre near Belambai, in Kandahar, Afghanistan, has shocked the world and intensified the calls for an end to the longest war in U.S. history. The attack has been called tragic, which it surely is. But when Afghans attack U.S. forces, they are called “terrorists.” That is, perhaps, the inconsistency at the core of U.S. policy, that democracy can be delivered through the barrel of a gun, that terrorism can be fought by terrorizing a nation.
“I did it,” the alleged mass murderer said as he returned to the forward operating base outside Kandahar, that southern city called the “heartland of the Taliban.”

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Comment by Rob Crotchet
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It's easy to see how such a thing can happen, all you need to do is look at our Soldiers and Marines who come home with PTSD. They're doing thing's here that no one in their right mind  would ever do. Besides that, who in the CIA might have mixed him up a mickey, or slipped LSD or some other drug into his drink.

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