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Ron Paul in the driver’s seat

•, By David A. Keene

One thing you have to give Newt Gingrich: The man can turn. On a dime. Before the votes were counted in Mississippi and Alabama on Tuesday, the former House speaker had come up with a whole new rationale for his candidacy. The candidate who after South Carolina suggested that Rick Santorum needed to get out because he was splitting the “anti-Romney” vote in a way that could cost Mr. Gingrich the nomination now suggests that he and the Pennsylvanian are a political tag team working together to keep Mitt Romney from collecting the 1,144 delegates he’ll need to wrap up the nomination at the GOP National Convention in Tampa.

Mr. Santorum, who has supplanted Mr. Gingrich as Mr. Romney’s main challenger, now looks at the world in much the way Mr. Gingrich did after South Carolina.

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Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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 Yes, it is so easy to recognize where this came from -- from the "lunatic fringe"!

Comment by Ed Price
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I got the below in an email. Is there any truth to it? Does anyone recognize where it comes from?


I want to explain to everyone what is going on right now all across our planet. This is not going to be an easy task, as much of what I have to say is going to shatter beliefs and the preconceived notions of how our world works, on all levels, and the shock of it might be so profound that many will refuse to believe it.  Before I start I want to say something to you all. I am putting this out here for you to read because it's my job to do so.  It is the job of everyone who knows what is really going on around us, even if you know only small piece of the puzzle, to tell others and help them take their off their blindfolds.  We have a responsibility to our friends and family and neighbours and even the grocer down the street, to help them understand. Even if they don't believe you, you've planted the seed in their minds, and when the massive changes happen, they will be better prepared to understand.

I've been posting articles daily to my friends about the arrests that are taking place and about the massive Banker resignations that are sweeping the world right now.  I've been posting these things to sort of warm people up to the truth that's about to be disclosed to the world- a warm up so that when the announcements start to happen , people might not be quite so shocked by it all. As of yesterday there have been 116 banker resignations that we know of and about 90% of them have happened in the last two weeks. And believe me: none of these bankers have suddenly resigned because they have decided to find another job!  This is one of the first major signs of what's about to happen.

The absolute first thing that I want to make clear to you is about the media.  This is a vital point to understand because it's the basis of most of the problems that are going on right now.  Our Mainstream  Media (MSM) is NOT telling you the truth. About anything. For many years now, all the MSM has been bought up by 5 people- yes, almost 90% of the global mainstream media is owned by 5 people, (go ahead, look it up!), and they didn't buy it all up just as an investment. The MSM is tightly controlled and they report on only those stories that are allowed, and everything their controllers don't want the public to know is completely blacked out.  The media is used to control us, to tell us what to think, to tell us how to feel, and most importantly to manipulate the population into doing what they want.  The second most important thing to know is that the MSM is used for  "debunking" any truths that do get out and to deny and make fun of any "conspiracy theories" when the truth does get out. When pieces of real facts and truths slip out into the public they immediately do everything in their power to make sure people don't believe it.  This is a major propaganda campaign that has been running for decades. Pretty much every single major event in the last 50 years has been spun to make people believe the "official" story.  The assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King, the wars in Viet Nam, the Gulf war(s), the cold war, .... There is not enough room here to give a complete list. Suffice to say, if it's labeled a "Conspiracy Theory" it's almost guaranteed to be true. (in future posts I will talk about several of these and explain the how and why).
The biggest "conspiracy theory" out there, one that they go to huge lengths to make fun of and to desperately try to debunk is the New World Order/Illuminati/black hats/dark cabal theories. This is NOT a "theory". It is an absolute truth. Sadly people have been so brainwashed by the MSM that even when these powerful men (and women) openly talk about their "New World Order" people refuse to believe it is real. The media likes to scoff at people like Alex Jones (of and claim that these people are crack pots and delusional, what they don't tell you is that many of these groups have made more predictions that have come true, broken more major news stories, and dug up more information than any other "news" group on the planet.  I'm not saying that they are all 100% correct- I don't completely agree with everything that Alex Jones says for example, but groups like his are reporting far more of the truth than anything in the MSM.

An excellent jumping off point to learn more about what is really going on in our world right now, is to watch the movie "Thrive"  (  Yes, it was made by Foster Gamble (of Proctor & Gamble), and yes it pisses me off to no end that he is selling this video instead of making it available to the public for free, BUT the information that he brings out in this movie is vitally important for people to understand the who what where when why and how of the undercurrent of our global shadow government and what their goal is. It can be found online occasionally to watch/download for free- if you find it online, I recommend that you download it immediately as it disappears very quickly.

Another excellent piece of information has been launched last month by David Wilcock:  "FINANCIAL TYRANNY: Defeating the Greatest Cover-Up of All Time"   This is a HUGE article and will take you hours to read, but it is one of the most important pieces of information you will ever read in your life.  Everything that David reports in this mini book will very soon be made public and the disclosure of these facts will shake the world very deeply.  David explains the financial situation we are currently in and fully explains the history of how we got here.  This is not a dry economic article that will put you to sleep, trust me!
My friends, we are about to witness a massive change that has never before been seen in our world- both financially, politically, spiritually, and in every aspect of our lives.  I have told you about the arrests that are happening all over the world right now- bankers and politicians being the biggest targets.  This is happening because over the years several groups of very, very informed men and women from the military/pentagon, various 3 letter groups, and secret underground groups from all over the world have banded together (with some very special help) to bring down the twisted deadly empire of the Illuminati/NWO/dark cabal.  These groups have made massive sacrifices to insure that the rest of humanity on this planet will have a chance to be free.  They are currently on the cusp of the launching of a new global economic initiative that will end global debt and return us to a commodities based financial system.  There are several groups involved and several "Prosperity Packages" that will be launched very, very soon.  These packages will end global poverty and end the serfdom and slavery that has been imposed on us by a group of greedy men intent of owning and controlling everything. One of many important factors of this global economic change over is the Revaluation of the Iraqi Dinar.  This was originally planned by Bush as a means to make him and his cronies very very very wealthy, but through his fumbling of the invasion of Iraq (and his stupidity) the news of the revaluation leaked out to the public and now millions of people have invested in buying Iraqi Dinars.  Because of this, Bush and the Illuminati/Dark cabal have done everything in their power to  stop the revaluation from happening- having the main stream media call it "A Scam", even creating back doors into the computer systems to steal the money when the new rates go live.  THIS is the main reason for the arrests that happened this past week. Arrests that are rumored to include Bush jr & sr. Hilary Clinton, and Bill Gates (who orchestrated the 40 back doors that were found in the computer system)- It is also said that Timothy Geithner was arrested and questioned on the 24th and released with a "body guard" to make sure he doesn't leave the country. At the same time that the IQD is revalued well over a hundred other currencies will also be revaluing.

Along with the Prosperity packages there will be full disclosure- disclosure of the atrocities that have been committed by these men over the last 200 years. Information will be released about advanced technologies that will free this planet from the toxic petroleum/nuclear/chemical wastes that are destroying us.  Patents that have been locked away by the US government and labeled  a "danger to national security"  will be made public and will be put into production. New ways of creating truly clean energy, powering transportation, medical technology.... technologies that we should have had access to many years ago, but that were hidden away.  These technologies have been withheld so that the shadow government could keep the people of this planet repressed, and to further their agenda of drastically reducing the global population.  Yes, there are cures for cancer and AIDS - they have been withheld for years and years because the corporations run by these men, make money from the sales of drugs and from the huge grants they receive to do "research".  Very soon the Big Pharma  industry will have their dirty laundry hung out for everyone to see- the massive use of drugs and vaccines to disable and dupe the people- to keep us drugged so that we cannot fight back. This will all be disclosed.

I am asking you to have an open mind. I am asking you to look around, to turn off the TV, to do your own research. Right now the MSM has a complete black out on all the arrests that are happening, but soon this black out will be lifted and they will be able to report the truth of what's happening. As I get more information I will post it, and I will also post more articles that will go into the details of exactly what is happening and why.
The last thing I want to say is that we need to overcome the fear.  The governments are continuously promoting fear and hate and distrust. There is a very good reason for that. They need to keep the population living in constant fear so that they can control us.  Have you ever wondered why it is that Hollywood has brought out so many disaster movies in the last 20 years or so? Floods, Volcanoes, Earthquakes, asteroids, alien invasions, wars. Or why the news seems to dwell on the murders, the kidnappings, the wars, the famines, the "terrorists", the diseases? ... these are all for one reason: to keep you in fear.  Do NOT fear.
THE WAR WITH IRAN AND/OR SYRIA WILL NOT HAPPEN!!! We have assurances from the highest authorities that it will not be ALLOWED to happen.

It is imperative that we focus on the positive emotions right now- joy, happiness and love.  Here are a few videos that explain WHY we need to move beyond the negative and focus on the positive - I cannot stress to you enough how important this is!!

I will be writing more info on these topics and more in the coming days and weeks and I will post out many links to other sources of information.

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Post 2 ...Eggheads still don’t get it – why Ron Paul is always intentionally being sandbagged in whatever or wherever primary he goes to. He is already considered a dropout from the race! People are wondering why he is still there always waiting to be badly beaten and shamefully sandbagged. Taking so much abuse and physical beating is more than cruelty to a Chihuahua. I don’t get it!

Comment by Bertha Anonimo
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Eggheads still don't get it -- why Ron Paul is being sandbagged in whatever or wherever primary he goes to.  He is as good as dropped off from the race! People is wondering why he is still there as a nuisance candidate waiting to be sandbagged! Taking so much beating is more than cruety to a Chihuahua.  I don't get it!

Comment by David McElroy
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Despite the article's title, Ron Paul again was given the short end of the stick. His suffering election frauds, his actual strengths, not only among grassroots, but the delegates, was not mentioned. The uncommited delegate issue is the elephant ignored in the GOP room.  Paul's campaign received no hyperlink like the others. The possibility of Paul heading a 3rd party ticket was overlooked. The GOP convention will be very interesting this year, as apparently no candidate will get the needed 1,144 delegates to cinch the nomination for POTUS. It has been a real horse race, and the lead has been exaggerated while Paul has been sandbagged. The huge crowds drawn by Paul's message are ignored, while Romney and Gingrich practice checkbook candidacy the media is happy to support. Santorum is a canard. Just watch. The big GOP elite want Romney, but will have to do some major sleight-of-hand to get through a convention full of Paulites! 

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