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I wrote it because the American Dream is fading...


The assault on our freedom is a trend that remains in force regardless of the party in control. Both Red and Blue share the same economic priesthood (Fed chairman Greenspan was appointed by both Reagan and Clinton; chairman Bernanke by both Bush and Obama). So even when the parties change, the real monetary policies that determine our prosperity remain the same.

Restoring the American Dream requires more than just singing about the "land of the free" at baseball games. It requires an understanding of freedom. The book lays out in clear terms, in terms that you can even use to explain it to your brother-in-law, why freedom works. In doing so, it helps answer these questions:

Why does government interference in the economy makes us poorer? Why does the government’s central economic planning fail?
Why is the government’s constant price meddling a disaster? How are the governing classes and the crony capitalists able to get away with robbing us to enrich themselves? What is the dollar endgame and what can we do about it?

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